array on card

Dar Scott dsc at
Thu Oct 2 08:24:00 EDT 2003

On Wednesday, October 1, 2003, at 10:11 PM, Michael Young wrote:

> How can I put an expandable indexed array as an object on a card. For 
> those few who have heard of LabVIEW I am looking for something 
> equivalent to how it handles array display.

I know what you mean.  At one time almost all I made was in LabVIEW.

I don't know of a direct way to do what you want.  I think it is 
possible to make a custom control to do what you want, but that might 
take some work.

You might be better off looking for a way to address your immediate 
need.  What control or indicator were you thinking for your array 
element?  Can you get by with a fixed number of displayed elements?

Dar Scott

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