QuickTime, text fields, closed captioning

Ken Norris pixelbird at interisland.net
Wed Oct 1 21:54:01 EDT 2003

Hello again Toma,

> Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2003 20:04:37 +0200
> Subject: QuickTime, text fields, closed captioning
> From: Toma Tasovac <ttasovac at princeton.edu>
> Is it possible to have a transparent text field on top of a quicktime
> movie, the way we can put a text field layer over an image?  if not --
> is there any way in revolution to fake closed captioning?  (i know i
> can do this in, say, LiveStage Pro, but I want to implement closed
> captioning in such a way that the user can stop the movie at any frame,
> and click on any words in the subtitle -- which Revolution should then
> take care of, translate etc...
OK forget about the standard fields. You want a QT text track. Simple to
create in QT Pro.

You don't really need LSP except, as Trevor says, it has a way to synch text
tracks. What you should have, though, is QT Pro:


This Apple tutorial:


This captioning tutorial:


Ken N.

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