Off Topic! Auto-opening socket

Ray G. Miller rgmiller at
Wed Oct 1 18:12:00 EDT 2003

From: Stephen Quinn Barncard <stephenREVOLUTION at>

Stephen said:
 > Could be spyware, but most don't bother with Macs.
 > Could it be the auto-time setting, or perhaps "software update" 
checking in?

What is the "auto-time setting"? My browser is Netscape 7.0, and it is 
not running when the socket opens.

 > and of course Adobe and M$ products 'check in with headquarters'
sometimes, but you said those were not running.

I said:
 > I have DSL with SBC and I always close the DSL when I go off-line.
 >Since yesterday afternoon, something is opening a socket to my
 >server. Every 15 minutes, a socket is opened to SBC.
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