Modal stacks not working in OS 9

Greg DeVore gdevore at
Wed Oct 1 17:30:00 EDT 2003

Has anyone run into this problem?  I have a handler in my program that 
modals a substack to allow the user to set a preference.  It works fine 
under OS X.  In OS 9 the stack opens up but then after a second it 
moves to the back behind the top stack.  It is still open because the 
program won't allow you to interact with the main stack.  To do 
anything you have to switch to another application and then return to 
the standalone, move the main stack and close the modal substack.  I 
haven't tried this out to see if it is also a Windows issue.  I just 
know that it is a problem under OS 9.

Greg DeVore

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