The close box

Klaus Major klaus at
Wed Oct 1 15:19:00 EDT 2003

Hi Thomas,

> I want to write a script that executes when anyone clicks the little 
> close box in the upper left in my standalone for Mac and on the right 
> for Windows. Mac Users aren't accustomed to having the application 
> quit when this box is clicked and there are places in my stack where 
> instinct would have Windows users click it to get rid of something 
> that looks like a window. I want this message to come up when that box 
> is clicked: "Do you really want to quit the program?" with "Yes quit!" 
> or "Cancel"
> I can't seem to find "on closebox" anywhere so I can do this.

You are probably looking for "closestackrequest" ;-)

> Thanks,
> Tom


Klaus Major
klaus at

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