RegEx difficulties

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Thanks, Ken.  That is exactly what I was looking for.  Is that documented
somewhere?  It'd be handy to have some really good RegEx docs.  I'm kind of
new at it.

Thanks again.

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> 	if matchChunk(tStoryText, "(" & tWord & ")", 
> tStartChar, tEndChar) then
>          set the textStyle of char tStartChar to tEndChar of 
> field "myText" to empty
>     	end if
> I need a RegEx string that will match only the whole word.  
> Kind of like the wholeMatches property works with the offset 
> functions.  Is this possible?

You better believe it, Chris. You can use the "\b" command which means
"word boundary", like this:

  if matchChunk(tStoryText,"\b(" & tWord & ")\b",tStartChar,tEndChar)

Have fun!

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