snapshot on XP makes icons wink out

Dar Scott dsc at
Wed Oct 1 14:20:01 EDT 2003

On Tuesday, September 30, 2003, at 12:52 PM, Dar Scott wrote:

>> On Windows XP, import snapshot or export snapshot causes the icons on 
>> the primary monitor to wink out.
> Anybody else seeing this on Windows?
> Try this in the message box:
> export snapshot of rect "0,0,100,100" to x as PNG

Chipp described this as redrawing the desktop.

Would folks who try this please send me a note, even if it works?  And 
if you are willing to take the time, let me know what video board, how 
many monitors and what Windows version.  Or anything you think 

I'll collect these and add to the bugzilla report #729.

Or if you prefer, you can comment directly to the bugzilla report.

So far RunRev and Ken Ray do not see this.  Chipp Walters and I do see 

Dar Scott

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