Using Rev as a multiplatform GUI to control perl and shell scripts -- or is Tcl/tk better?

Alex Rice alex at
Wed Oct 1 12:48:02 EDT 2003

On Wednesday, October 1, 2003, at 09:16  AM, Ben Collyer wrote:

> A friend said I should learn Tcl/Tk instead...... but is he right?
>  opinions gratefully received

As Pierre mentioned- see the shell() function.

As for Tcl/Tk, I am not a tcl programmer, but I think that Revolution 
is going to have similar capabilities as Tcl/Tk - in that they are both 
high-level languages. Revolution is event-driven- I assume Tcl is also.

Revolution can compile relatively small, fast single-file executables 
for many platforms, which I don't think Tcl can do.

Tcl/Tk some versions are Free, but Revolution is not.

Tcl/Tk may not come with a GUI builder tool like Revolution offers.

Tk apps used to be glacially slow- click a button and go get a cup of 
coffee - kind of slow. I assume that is no longer an issue on today's 

I would also compare Tcl/Tk's shell/task/process management functions 
and see if it's any better than Revolution's offerings.

Also keep an eye on this new site by David Bovill <david at>
"Open source environments which use Rev for rapid prototyping of fron 
ends, but which relate to other componenets written in othe languages."


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