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rand valentine jrvalent at
Wed Oct 1 10:44:03 EDT 2003

hi, all. i have a really basic question. often, when i have a question about
runrev, instead of bugging/bothering the list, i open my browser and do a
google search on the list archive for relevant info, e.g. if i were
wondering about how arrays work (which I am!), then I would type:


well, this is great, because it's easy to follow threads, and i _should_ be
able to cut and paste a given thread to produce nice little threaded
"studies" of topics. but here's my problem: whenever i paste a message in
mac os x.2.6 [and x.2.8] (and i haven't tried other systems) all of the
"quoted" material (with lines beginning with > or >>) in a message
"collapses" into a single "paragraph", eg,

>Yves, >>As long as cPoints only has student data (i.e. every element in cPoints
is >what you'll be checking), you can do this: >>put "" into myList >put 1 into
elementNum >repeat for each element e in cPoints >if e >= 5 then >put line
elementNum of keys(cPoints) & cr after myList >end if >add 1 to elementNum >end
repeat >>Hope this helps, >

now, the display in my browser has a line break before each > or >>. why are
the cr's before > so spineless, i.e., does anyone know why my computer
converts this into the useless mess above, and how i might correct it? i've
tried everything i can think of. does it have something to do with mac vs
windows linefeed/cr stuff? thanks.


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