Burning ISO CD image on Mac

Pierre Sahores psahores at easynet.fr
Wed Oct 1 03:28:01 EDT 2003


Here is the way i did successfully the same work :

1.- insert a new writable CD into your macosx box.

2.- it will be asked you to prepare it for writing mode

3.- select the last option in the popup (copy cd)

4.- it will be asked you witch iso formated file to write

5.- select directly the lindows iso file you downloaded (instead of your
unneded desktop mounted file)

6.- the copy will begin...

Bests, Pierre

Le mer 01/10/2003 à 07:34, curry a écrit :
> I am trying to test the downloadable Lindows CD, but my CD burner is 
> on my iMac (built-in), so I'm trying to burn it there before using it 
> on my PC. I was using the Finder's burn feature, and made two CDs to 
> try: first I dragged the ISO itself onto the CD image and burned it, 
> and the second time I double-clicked the ISO to mount it and burned 
> the contents. Neither of the CDs was able to boot the PC. (Yes, the 
> PC is checking CD first for boot.)
> Does anyone know how to do this type of burn? :)
> Thanks very much,
Bien cordialement, Pierre Sahores

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