OT - Revolution and Its HyperCard Roots

Chipp Walters chipp at chipp.com
Sat May 31 22:56:01 EDT 2003

I agree. In fact, when talking with Enterprise customers, I avoid words like
HyperCard, scripting, and Apple and instead focus on JIT compile, java-like,
and RAD. It also doesn't hurt to mention the MC engine has been around over
10 years.

RR ability to rapidly develop and deploy enterprise solutions (faster than
VB in my experience) gives it quite an edge over JAVA and other
cross-platform or browser based solutions.



> > What do you recommend for overcoming potential perception issues?
> Avoiding evangelizing Revolution as the heir of Hypercard. In front of
> business, that plays like Eddie Murphy's character in "Coming To America."
> Royalty doesn't matter when the lineage is beside the point (in the real
> world, daddy won't make a grand entrance in the end to resolve the story
> line).
> Danny Grizzle
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