OT - Revolution and Its HyperCard Roots

Danny Grizzle danny at mogulhost.com
Sat May 31 14:36:02 EDT 2003

On 5/30/03 5:48 PM, "Dan Shafer" <dan at shafermedia.com> wrote:

> Revolution acknowledges its HyperCard roots in many ways: it's mentioned in
> docs, it's covered in a special paper on Revolution for HyperCard developers,
> and there are some elements of the language that are essentially only stubs to
> ensure that Transcript remains compatible with HyperTalk. To suggest that
> Revolution simply try to act as if it weren't rooted in HyperCard originally
> would be unhelpful at best and disingenuous at worst.

On 5/31/03 9:22 AM, "Alan Gayne" <alanira9 at mac.com> wrote:

> As to RunRev's Hypercard roots, I would venture to guess that if our
> friends in Scotland were able to sell licenses to all those who are
> STILL using Hypercard today (as a start) their accountant would be a
> happy camper.

On 5/30/03 8:56 PM, "Judy Perry" <jperryl at ecs.fullerton.edu> wrote:

> But adopted by some for that very tie-in reason.
> It would be a shame to for this sort of rationale to result in turning
> Hypercard into the old, fuddy-duddy grandfather we're ashamed of
> acknowledging in public...

I think the market will demand two books

  1) One for Hypercard people transitioning forward

  2) Another which does not assume familiarity with the
     Hypercard paradigm or fond recollections of the past

Accountants always appreciate immediate gratification. Hopefully, the
Hypercard faithful will serve as booster rockets on the launch vehicle. But
at some point, you have to examine the business plan and ask yourself
(programmers)... is the market for Revolution a subset of the Hypercard
market, or will the Hypercard ultimately be a subset of Revolution? Where
are my efforts and resources best allocated?

If Revolution is successful, Hypercard will be but a footnote.

I managed marketing for the world's largest western wear retailer (yawn),
and have spent $25 million on media placement (advertising) during a 5 year
period when the company doubled in size.

My remarks about Revolution are forward-looking, on this basis (a quick

I once asked the founder of the western wear company how much marketing
money he allocated in pursuit of rodeo, cowboys, & the hard core western

His answer: "Not a damn dime."

The logic: "There's no where else for them to go. I don't have to pay to get
them in the store."

Lame logic? The retailer in question is a legend in the industry; in fact,
he was asked by Sam Walton to finance the startup of Wal-Mart.


Anybody reading this surely has enough computer industry experience to
realize that nothing compares to the herd instincts at work in the market.
All Hypercard devotees should have a fairly powerful sense of being an
outsider looking in. Have you ever pitched a Hypercard project to business,
other than a Mac buddy? What issues did you have to address?

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