Back With Unicode Blues...

Igor Couto igor at
Fri May 30 23:16:01 EDT 2003

Hi all,

Back again with Unicode problems. For some reason, copying unicode text 
(as 'htmlText') from one field to a line in another field is AGAIN not 
working. But I have established the following:

Earlier today, as I typed in the 'source' field, the textFont property 
of any extended characters I typed were automatically set by Revolution 
to "Lucida Grande,Japanese" - I am using MacOS X, with the US-Extended 
unicode keyboard, and typing Esperanto accented characters (ĉ, ŝ, ĝ, ĵ, 
ĥ, ŭ).  After typing, trying to set the textFont of these characters to 
anything else apart from the 'default' set by Revolution, had no effect 
- the texFont property of these characters remained "Lucida 

I did find, however, that I was suddenly being able to copy text from 
the source field to the target field with a simple line of script 
(which I hadn't been able to do until yesterday):

set the htmlText of line x of field "targetFld" to the htmlText of 
field "sourceFld"

However, after a few hours working on other stacks, I went back to my 
'unicode test' stack, and much to my surprise, the script NO LONGER 

However, now when I go back and check the 'textFont' property of the 
extended characters, as I type them, I see that Revolution is setting 
them to "Geneva,Unicode", instead of "Lucida Grande,Japanese". Again, 
if I try to set the 'textFont' property of these characters via script, 
it has no effect - they remain "Geneva,Unicode". The only difference is 
that now trying to copy the text from the source field to the target, 
using the htmlText property no longer works...

When I look at the html being produced, I see that now the extended 
characters have "Geneva" and "US" as attributes in the <font> tag! So, 
even though the html escape sequences for these characters (ie, Ĉ) 
is correct, my guess is that when Revolution 'reads it back' into the 
target field, because it has 'US' as the language, it doesn't recognise 
that character anymore...

So, perhaps Tuviah can enlighten us, as to WHY Revolution sometimes 
sets the 'textFont' of international characters as "Lucida 
Grande,Japanese", and sometimes as "Geneva,Unicode" - without allowing 
us to change it? Why is Revolution automatically switching to another 

Also - if the textFont is "*,Unicode", why is it set in the html tag 
produced that the language is "US"?

Is there a workaround for these issues?

Igor de Oliveira Couto
igor at

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