Release 2.0r2 - Unexplained CPU usage shoots to 100% - Part 2

Jeanne A. E. DeVoto jeanne at
Fri May 30 13:25:20 EDT 2003

At 9:24 AM -0700 5/30/03, Devin Asay wrote:
>Upon opening an affected stack, any time you open or close a
>window--script editor, stack, message box, answer dialog-- the CPU
>usage pegs out at 100% until you press Cmd-period. Then you're okay
>until the next window open/close event. The condition persists even
>after closing the stack, then creating a new stack--you get the same
>CPU pegging out effect. But if you quit Rev and launch again, then
>create a new stack the effect doesn't occur. Using an earlier version
>of this same stack (about two weeks old) I don't get this effect. This
>stack was developed entirely in Rev 2.0 betas and rc's.

This appears to be the same problem, which is a problem with the
debugObjects custom property in cRevGeneral.

As a workaround until this can be addressed, here's a more fine-tuned
method of removing the offending property (which doesn't require you to
open the stack in 1.1.1). Enter this into the multi-line message box mode,
or in a button:

  answer file "Open which stack?"
  put it into myStack
  lock messages
  open stack myStack
  get the customKeys["cRevGeneral"] of stack myStack
  set the wholeMatches to true
  delete line lineOffset("debugObjects",it) of it
  set the customKeys["cRevGeneral"] of stack myStack to it

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