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Wilhelm Sanke sanke at hrz.uni-kassel.de
Tue May 27 14:36:01 EDT 2003

On Tue May 27 Richard Gaskin  wrote:

> Wilhelm Sanke wrote:
> > The "openstacks", "the stacks", and "the windows" functions,
> > unfortunately, *sometimes* produce what I called "unexpected behavior"
> > in one of my stacks. This was the reason why  I was looking for another,
> > but "clean" function to get the "effective topstack".
> "the windows" gives you a list of all open windows, in top-to-bottom
>                layer order regardless of mode.
>  "the topstack" gives you the topmost stack of the lowest mode.
> How would you define "effective topstack"?  What was the "unexpected
> behavior" you were experiencing?
> --
>  Richard Gaskin

Sorry, I defined "effective topstack" in my first post of this thread:

> The "topstack" and "topwindow" functions return the frontmost open stack with the lowest mode, which means, if you
> have two stacks open, the one with "cantmodify" set to true will never be the topstack even if it is visually in the
> frontmost window.
> Is there another function or way to determine the "effective" topstack irrespective of the mode the stack has?

I also decribed the "unexpected behavior" in my second post. Here it is

> I am not saying that these functions cause this unexpected behavior, but they surely contribute to it in the context of my
> stack and presumably only on Windows.
> Apart from what I already mentioned - modal dialogs not immediately closing despite an following "wait x milliseconds"
> line - parts of the stack suddenly become transparent for a moment. I am trying find out what coincidences may cause
> this behavior.

Wilhelm Sanke

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