Palettes that don't affect selection ? (and why selection becomes insertion?)

Ben Rubinstein benr_mc at
Tue May 27 10:00:00 EDT 2003

My app has (among others) a main editing window, and a palette with some
useful functionality.

When some text is selected in a field in the main editing window, and then I
click on eg just the title bar of the palette, the selection is lost from
the main window.  Clicking on the title bar of the main window again makes
visible the fact that the selection has now been changed to an insertion
point, at the end of the previous selection.

This is not the case with some Rev palettes - eg the tools palette, the Inks
palette - clicking on any of these leaves the selection in the main window
intact.  However, it is the case with some Rev palettes - eg the Alignment
palette, the colours & patterns palette (this is all Rev 1.1.1r2, btw).

What is the magic property I can apply to my palette stack, or to how I open
it, that will stop it stealing the selection from my main window?  Or is it
something I can't change, like the fact that it contains an editable text

And is it a bug - or at least, is it a bug that the selection becomes an
insertion point when we go back to it?
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