What the Shell is wrong here?

David Glasgow David.Glasgow at cstone-tr.nwest.nhs.uk
Wed May 21 08:57:00 EDT 2003

Despite the advice of Listers, I never managed to crack this one when I was struggling with it a few weeks back.  Some may enjoy rummaging in Windows underpants, but I don't.  I still think that for stacks at least, this should be a property that can be toggled within Transcript.

My underpant free solution was to burn the data stack onto CD compressed, and uncompress it onto the users HD on installation.

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David Glasgow

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 >Date: Tue, 20 May 2003 22:44:38 -0700
 >Subject: Re: What the Shell is wrong here?
 >From: Richard Gaskin <ambassador at fourthworld.com>
 >To: <use-revolution at lists.runrev.com>
 >Reply-To: use-revolution at lists.runrev.com
 >Howard Bornstein wrote:
 >> I'm trying to execute a DOS shell command within my script 
 >to clear the
 >> read-only file attribute of a file that has been copied 
 >from a CD (I'm
 >> delivering the app on a CD and need to make one of the 
 >stacks writable).
 >> Based on previous posts on this subject, I'm using a command that
 >> evaluates to:
 >> get shell ("attrib -r" && "C:\Documents and Settings\IFTF\My
 >> Documents\Consumer Segmentation\resources\Process Guide Steps.rev")
 >> I've proven that the path is correct for the file I'm 
 >trying to affect.
 >> If I type this command into the Message box however, I get 
 >this error
 >> message:
 >> Script Compile Error.
 >> Error Description: Script: missing "" after literal
 >Does this work?:
 > get shell ("attrib -r" && quote&"C:\Documents and Settings\IFTF\My
 >Documents\Consumer Segmentation\resources\Process Guide 

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