Stack size and Windows

Graham graham.samuel at
Tue May 20 15:58:02 EDT 2003


This is an expanded version of an earlier query to which I believe nobody 

I'm constructing an app in which the principal window (stack) is intended 
to effectively fill the screen while looking like a 'normal' Windows app 
(for example MS Word or Eudora, both of which I happen to have open right now).

I was surprised to find that a Windows title bar is outside the envelope of 
the stack's size according to RR, and I didn't find any reference to this 
in the docs. However now I know, I see that I have to make sure that there 
is a 30-pixel wide strip at the top of the screen to cope with the title 
bar, but what about the bottom of the screen? In the configuration I'm 
using, another 30 pixels taken off my stack size gives space for the 
toolbar at the bottom - but what if the user has moved the toolbar for 
example? I don't know a recipe for a complete solution because I don't know 
how to find out what the OS is doing with the screen - does anyone else?



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