Multiline message box on a PC laptop?????

Howard Bornstein bornstein at
Tue May 20 12:42:01 EDT 2003

>There ought to be an 'fn' key somewhere on your
>keyboard, which will serve as a modifier for the
>return key to turn it into an enter.

There is an Fn key as I mentioned, but it does not have any effect when I 
use it with the Enter key (there is no return key) on either laptop. It's 
the same issue with typing two Enter-key strokes to "apply" and close the 
edit window. I can't do it from the laptop. I'm using a Sony Vaio and a 
Winbook XL2.

Come on guys, 90% of the computers out there are PCs. Somebody must be 
using a laptop with Revolution. How are you using the multiline message 
box and working with the edit window?


Howard Bornstein
D E S I G N  E Q

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