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Sun May 18 11:25:00 EDT 2003

On Sat, 17 May 2003 13:29:30 -0400, Howard Bornstein 
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> >I find that when I run my project (within the RR runtime
> >environment - haven't tried a standalone yet) the type size in the menus is
> >absurdly small - far smaller than that used by RR itself or any other of
> >the apps running on this machine.
>This may have something to do with the Mac using 72 dpi as its standard
>for display and the PC using 96 dpi. Windows XP gives you the option to
>change the screen dpi in the Display Properties control panel. Click
>Settings and then click Advanced.
>I'm not aware of a way to do this on a Mac (you can do it in a browser,
>but not for the whole computer).
>...or are you saying it's only the menus that are small but not the rest
>of the text?

Howard - thanks for replying. Yes, I do mean that only the menus and their 
items have the extra-small font. For instance I have some label fields that 
look much the same as they do on the Mac, maybe a bit smaller but certainly 
acceptable. I have not previously found it necessary to do anything special 
with fonts when switching from Mac to Windows, but formerly I used Win 95 
or 98 - this is my first outing with XP.

When I try to find out what the font and size actually being used are, I 
find that the textFont and the textSize are reported as being those of the 
owner. The owner of my menus is the group they are in, and if I trace this 
back, the owner of the group is the card it's on, and the owner of the card 
is its stack. This finally has a font set - it's MS Sans Serif 10 point 
underlined (!). I think the type size of the menus is more like 8 point. 
Strangely when I try to create a field to check this, I find that if I set 
its font to MS Sans Serif, I can't then reset its font size to anything 
lower than 9 - I am now really confused. Can anyone help?



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