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Wilhelm Sanke sanke at
Sun May 11 11:57:10 EDT 2003

James Lewes wrote on Sat May 10:

> I need to develop an application that will do a number of things:
> 1) identify all files on a hard drive with specific text strings. So, for
> example if I am looking for files that contain "ah there's the rub" it will
> give me a list and location.
> 2) Subdivide the list of files by the program that was used to create the
> original file and identify the programs used
> 3) enable the user to not only open the file from within the program in a
> specific window, but also highlight the text string they are looking for.
> 4) Give him/her the option of opening the file in the original format
> 5) to print the document.

Do you have specific questions - such that are not covered by the
documentation or where the help files do not provide enough information
to act upon - or are you generally asking whether such an application
could be created  with Revolution at all?

Do you mean to search only text files?

Most of the features you are generally asking for could possibly be

What should be a problem  is to identify exactly the program that was
used to create the text(?) file, you can of course identify text files
by their extension (Windows) or file type (MacOS), but not the exact
program that created the files; a "doc file" created  in Wordpad would
return the information "Microsoft Word Document".-

There are several such programs around for Windows at least (although I
cannot name a specific one just now; try a search) that do comprehensive
text search across all files on a drive, so another question would be,
why would you want to develop such application with Metacard/Revolution?


Wilhelm Sanke

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