OT: Web editor Code Bloat--Help!

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Sat May 10 20:01:01 EDT 2003

James Lewes wrote:

> I think the issue of Go Live or Dreamweaver is a moot one. Dreamweaver works
> wonders, GoLive sucks. As far as code bloat, with Dreamweaver this doesn't
> seem to kick in until you start messing with frames and java script.

Moot meaning "worthy of debate", I tend to agree.  I've find neither GL or
DW to be without its annoyances, but have also had generally good
experiences with both.

DW 2 was the only tool at the tim to advertise that it nevr munges code, and
he only one at the time that munged it so badly that it wouldn't render it.
That's how I settled on GoLive.  But in recent years the reviews in the
major mags seems to reflect my experience, giving both tools high marks.

This is probably far enough OT that we should take it offlist, but if you
have specific issues with GL I'd be happy to present them to the team so
they an be addressed in the next rev (I've been a beta tester for the last
few versions).

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