Grabbing HTTP Headers

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Mon May 5 03:54:01 EDT 2003

Hi Dan,

Can't help you with the headers in a CGI, but I do have a stack called
"altURL Library" which demonstrates how to grab header data from the socket
(don't know if you really want to get *that* detailed;-)

It's at:



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> OK, I give up. I've spent a few hours researching this and haven't
> found an answer.
> Using RR's MetaCard engine as a CGI, how do I grab the HTTP header of
> the incoming request so I can parse it and do meaningful work? There
> has to be a function that does this, but I am stymied trying to find
> it. I have found the libURLLastHTTPHeaders() function but it isn't
> working. Perhaps it's not included in the MetaCard engine and therefore
> not available to CGI processing, but that seems weird because CGI is
> probably 90% of the reason you'd ever want to to get an HTTP header!
> Here's my script, set up to run on the MC CGI engine. I know the engine
> works. It's just this script that gives me the usual server
> configuration error garbage.
> #!mc
> on startUp
>    put libURLLastHTTPHeaders() into tResponse
>    put "Content-Type: text/html" & crlf
>    put "Content-Length:" & (the length of tResponse) & crlf & crlf
>    put tResponse
> end startUp
> Help!
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