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Ronald D. Zellner zellner at neo.tamu.edu
Mon Mar 31 13:42:01 EST 2003

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>Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2003 10:06:31 -0500
>Subject: Re: QT movie address in player
>From: Ken Norris <pixelbird at interisland.net>
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> > Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2003 23:39:47 -0600
> > From: Ronald Zellner <zellner at neo.tamu.edu>
> > Subject: QT movie address in player
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> > When I play a QT movie in  Revolution 1.1.1  by embedding it in a
> > player, the pathway is absolute and will be incorrect if I move the
> > files to another computer. This is especially problematic if it is
> > converted to a standalone file which is delivered on a CD since the
> > file can't be edited.
> > Is there a way to have a stack start up and immediately display the
> > movie that was originally embedded there.
> > Ron
>Hi Ron,
>Actually we just covered this a few days ago.

I looked again and still can't find it.

>NOTE: If your stack is already a standalone, you'll have to rebuild it to
>implement these. There are two basic ways:
>1) If you want to keep the movie in an offstack file (saves stack memory)
>like you already have it:
>  a) Put the stack file and the movie file in the same folder, which
>  normally becomes the defaultFolder at startup of the stack.

This seems to be the heart of the problem, I'm running 1.1.1 and the 
defaultFolder does not change when I startup a stack, the 
defaultFolder remains the folder where Revolution 1.1.1 is located.

>  b) Have your stack simply call the movie file for the player by its
>  fileName. The assumption here is that the movie file is in the
>  defaultFolder.

I can change the defaultFolder and then set a relative path to the 
movie, but this is lost when I restart the stack later.  I can script 
the stack to change the defaultFolder when opening, but this will not 
work when I change the location of the files to another computer.

Will the 2.0 upgrade affect any of this?

>  c) Burn the FOLDER containing the stack and the movie onto the CD.

I assume you mean to create a standalone file first?

>2) If you aren't concerned about stack size (memory) you can embed the movie
>into the stack as a videoClip object

Yes, that is a solution that doesn't require the path at all, but I'm 
not sure I want to go that way.

>HTH :+)
>Ken N.

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