Introduction and a question

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That's very strange. Can you let us know what version of Rev you're
using and whether the listField's group is acting as a background (I'm
pretty sure it does) or the other fields have any of their sharedText
properties set to true?

That would help track this down,

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Just wanted to do a quick introduction. 

New to using Revolution, but I was a old Hypercard/SuperCard/Toolbook
hand several years ago.

Found out about Revolution through Richard Gaskin's FourthWorld site,
and was intrigued enough to download the free version, and then buy the
Student fo my daughter who is learning to program with it.

Quick question...

Am I correct in thinking that having a list field on a card messes up
open and close field messages for other fields on the card? We are
trying to do something where the navigation is a scrolling list in a
group on the left of the card and clicking takes you to a specific card.
Once there, you can edit one of several fields on that card, and there
is some validation doen through onpen and close field scripts.

The problem is that once you have clicked on the listField the other
fields on the card no longer seem to get open and close field messages
when you click on them and the insertion point never appears in them.
YOu can still click in the field and type, but an openfield never gets
sent and the insertion point never appears.


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