Send an eMail attachment?

Sarah sarahr at
Mon Mar 24 18:40:01 EST 2003

I have written an emailer program and in helping someone else recently, 
I gathered together the scripts to make a demo stack to connect to a 
POP server and receive mail. It isn't very tidy so I haven't put it on 
my web page yet, but if anyone wants a pre-release copy, email me 

As for dealing with sockets, you need to check the relevant RFCs for 
whatever protocol you plan to use. Once you open a socket to the 
correct IP address and port number, you can just send and receive data 
to and from that socket. Reading the RFCs will give you the syntax you 
need to send and the details of what comes back.

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On Tuesday, March 25, 2003, at 07:34  am, Ken Norris wrote:

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>> From: "Ken Ray" <kray at>
>> Subject: RE: Send an eMail attachment?
>> Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2003 18:40:27 -0600
>> Organization: Sons of Thunder Software
>> Dan,
>> Take a look at Shao Sean's libSMTP library; it allows for direct SMTP
>> communications, attachments and more. Go to:
>> and go to
>> the bottom of the Downloads section.
> ----------
> P.S.
> Now all we need is one that can RECEIVE email. If I could find 
> tutorials on
> handling Rev's socket functions, it seems possible.
> Ken N.
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