Send an eMail attachment?

Sarah sarahr at
Mon Mar 24 18:36:01 EST 2003

If you check the section of Shao's script where he actually sends data 
to the socket, you'll see that he sends each line individually. If you 
change this so that the entire file is sent in one hit, you will find a 
massive increase in speed.


On Tuesday, March 25, 2003, at 03:46  am, Dan Friedman wrote:

> Ken,
> I found Shao Sean's libSMTP library on the user contributions list...  
> This
> is what I'm looking for!  My only problem is that it takes 28 seconds 
> to
> send an eMail with a 5307 byte text file attachment.  From Outlook 
> (with the
> same attachment and message), it took about 2 seconds.
> I wrote an eMail to Shao to see if I am doing something wrong.  I'm 
> waiting
> for his reply.
> Thank you for the suggestion/reply.  This list is a great place to get 
> help.
> I would like to post more responses to those who need help (when I 
> know the
> answer), but the "pros" on this list are so on top of it, that by the 
> time I
> read it, someone has already answered!  :)
> Thanks again,
> Dan
>> Take a look at Shao Sean's libSMTP library; it allows for direct SMTP
>> communications, attachments and more. Go to:
>> and go to
>> the bottom of the Downloads section.
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