setting up password fields

Chris Sheffield cm_sheffield at
Fri Mar 21 15:43:00 EST 2003

You're all going to be sick of me by the end of the
day!  :-)  I'm just getting into the nitty gritty of
my GUI.  And since I'm new to Revolution, I've got
lots of questions.

I know this one has been discussed a while back.  I
found some posts in an old archive, but I was
wondering if anyone has a better (newer) way of
setting up a regular field to accept a password entry
(i.e. put a '*' in place of each character).  I tried
some code from an old archive something like:

on keydown whichKey
   global thisPassword
   put whichKey after thisPassword
   put "*" after field "passwordField"
end keyDown

But this doesn't quite work.  If the user has to
modify what he's typed, or if he highlights the entire
password, deletes it, and starts over, the value in
thisPassword just keeps building on itself.

Does anyone have a solution?  Preferably something
that handles Delete and Backspace as well?  I'd like
something that works like "ask password", but in a
regular field.  Is there any way I can look at the
code behind the ask password dialog?


Chris Sheffield
Read Naturally

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