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Wed Mar 19 23:51:01 EST 2003

Recently, Ken Norris wrote:

> I want to get my onscreen keyboards to type into a "live" browser, i.e., to
> act in place of the real keyboard. I've seen apps that do that, but most are
> quite expensive and don't offer the options I intend to have.
> Is there any way to get Rev to run in any browser?

No.  Some options are:

1a) Create an app in which a user can enter a URL and then launch the URL
within a browser.

1b) Related to option 1 above: have the user establish a Rev app as a helper
app for their browser.  Then establish a "home" link or similar that auto
launches your Rev app when linked to via the browser which in turn allows
launching of a URL (a bit demanding but doable).

2) Take a look at Chip Walter's Leo at which allows embedding
of a browser within the Win version of Rev.

3) Look into Flash to create a browser-based keyboard/launcher.


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