Card size on the PC

Jim Hurley jhurley at
Tue Mar 18 11:12:00 EST 2003

>  >Jim Hurley wrote:
>  > I have discovered that the height of my cards on my PC are limited to
>>  617. These are stacks created on my Mac where they were the card
>>  heights were 650 or larger.
>>  I'm afraid I am in alien territory here on the PC. Is there some
>>  constraint on card size on the PC? I see nothing in the preferences.
>>  Thanks,
>>  Jim
>  >Chipp Walters wrote:
>just a thought...
>check the windowboundingrect of the stack


Thank you so much. You relieved me of much frustration. No matter how 
hard I pulled down on the resizing icon, I could not  make the card 

I never ran into this problem on the Mac. The windowboundingrect  is 
larger on the Mac than on the PC in order to accommodate the 
difference between the menu bar and the task bar.


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