Canceling a libURLftpUpload

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Mon Mar 17 04:19:01 EST 2003

After starting a file transfer with libURLftpUpload in
rev 1.1.1, how do I abort the transfer?  I tried using
unload, as that's what the docs seemed to suggest to
me, but watching my network traffic I could see that
the transfer continued even after the Unload took

In simpilest form, I started the transfer like this:

libURLftpUpload FileData,gFtpUrl,"Done"

in my "cancel" Button I used the form:

unload url gFtpUrl

gFtpUrl is a global, and i checked the value in the
Unload handler to be certain that it was correct, so
I'm guessing that Unload is not the proper command, or
I need to do something else in addition to unload. 


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