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Klaus Major k_major at
Mon Mar 10 10:25:01 EST 2003

Hi Don,

> How do I make a window which is centered on  the monitor screen
> non-moveable?  If user tries to move the window it should snap back to 
> the
> correct position or not be moveable at all.
> Thanks
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> Dr. Donald Pederson
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> University of Tennessee
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> (865)  974-7550

ti know 2 solutions for that problem...

1. Put this into your stack-script and folks will not find a handle
on your window to move it around :-)

on preopenstack
    set the decorations of me to ("empty")
    set the loc of me to the screenloc
end preopenstack

2. Do the snap-back :-)
(See the dox for "movestack")

Put this somewhere into your stack-script and you are prepared, too :-)

on movestack
   set the loc of this stack to the screenloc
end movestack

Check it out...
You have to see this in action to believe it... ;-)

Hope that helps...


Klaus Major
k_major at

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