print screens example handler (Rev 1.1.1)

Sarah sarahr at
Tue Mar 4 17:36:01 EST 2003

This is interesting stuff Alex, but do you need to delete the 
"PrintScreens" stack after each print. If not, what happens when you 
try to save the next newly created "PrintScreens" stack. If it just 
over-writes without a dialog, that would be OK in this instance, but 
you don't want your users getting ambushed by a warning they know 
nothing about.

One other wrinkle: as far as I know, formatForPrinting has no effect on 
Macs, so you could leave out quite a chunk of your script if you 
checked for this first.


On Wednesday, March 5, 2003, at 02:18  am, Alex Rice wrote:

> I found that simply doing "print this stack" in Revolution would print 
> stuff, but usually not what one wants to see. In my app the user fills 
> in answers on a bunch of screens, and on the last screen there is a 
> Print Screens button. So I'm printing the screens current stack.
> My requirements were- it should look nice, images and button icons 
> should render properly, the print job should use printer fonts 
> (formatForPrinting that is). The print job should respect user's 
> selection for paper size, orientation and scaling.
> I found that these requirements cannot be achieved by actually 
> printing the on-screen stack the user is looking at. There are several 
> reasons for this:
> 1- the formatForPrinting property only takes effect after re-opening 
> the stack.
> 2- "lock screen" causes some printing artifacts with icons.
> 3- Without "lock screen", the stack will be flashing from card to 
> card, opening/closing and generally confusing the user.
> So, just bite the bullet and create a new stack for doing the print 
> screens from. Like everything else in transcript, it's less code than 
> you would think. Here is the handler I am using at this point:

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