can't import from file in OSX?

Michael Hasak mphasak at
Tue Mar 4 15:20:00 EST 2003

>>get the fifth line of URL "file:/Users/guest/Desktop/radmindgui/ps_output"
>>put it into field theOutput
>hmm... this should work as far as I see it... maybe there are no five lines 
>in that file?
>maybe wanna quote the field name (for excluding all possible errors):
>put it into field "theOutput"

Thanks, Bjorne, for the helpful suggestions -- I got sidetracked and wanted 
to have more to say when I wrote.  Unfortunately, I'm still having the same 
trouble and so are some other people I've been working with (quoting the 
field name didn't help).

I'm about to pursue the "open file", "read from file" syntax which I found 
at the awesome site, which someone posted 
on the list.  This isn't documented in any of the Revolution docs, though.  
Has anyone else had trouble with the URL file methods?

I'll post with my results.


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