Applescript to print PDFs from Rev?

Sarah sarahr at
Sun Mar 2 18:55:01 EST 2003

Firstly, make the script work in the Script Editor before trying to put 
it into Revolution.
A couple of ideas:

1. try using:
repeat for each item f in filelist
	select f
	print selection
end repeat

2. In the literal list, you have the word file. Does the variable 
contain the word "file" for each item? If so, how about using the word 
"alias". I don't know if it will make any difference, but it would be 
worth a try.


On Monday, March 3, 2003, at 08:57  am, Bruce A. Pokras wrote:

> I can easily print the files when I use a literal list of files:
> select  {file pathToFile1, file pathToFile2, file pathToFile3}
> print selection
> The problem comes when I try to use a variable to hold the list:
> select variableName (where variableName holds an AppleScript list)
> print selection
> That always gets me an "Invalid key form" error.

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