Applescript to print PDFs from Rev?

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Sun Mar 2 18:40:01 EST 2003

"Bruce A. Pokras" a écrit :
> I know that this is a little off-topic, but I am trying to print
> several PDFs in a folder using AppleScript from Revolution. The idea
> is to select  and print the files from the Finder, since Acrobat
> Reader is not scriptable.
> I can easily print the files when I use a literal list of files:
> select  {file pathToFile1, file pathToFile2, file pathToFile3}
> print selection
> The problem comes when I try to use a variable to hold the list:
> select variableName (where variableName holds an AppleScript list)
> print selection
> That always gets me an "Invalid key form" error.
> Does anyone have a suggestion?
> Regards,
> Bruce Pokras
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If you are using MacOS X, have an eye on the "HTMLDOC" free utility. I
use it under Linux to send and display, on the fly, html sources as pdf
screens inside webbrowsers and it works fine.

To drive it from within Rev, you just need to use the shell() command.
Cordialement, Pierre Sahores

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