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Sun Mar 2 17:23:01 EST 2003

I hadn't noticed that before, but diskSpace does seem to have problems 
with large disks. I have 22 GB free but it only says I have 2 GB free.

As regards file or folder size, check out "the long files" and "the 
long folders". These gives lots of different bits of info, you'll have 
to check the docs to see what is what. Sorry, I don't know of any way 
to get file version numbers.


On Saturday, March 1, 2003, at 11:30  pm, ncouch wrote:

> Anyone know of a way to gather directory or drive information?  I have 
> tried
> the "volumes" and "diskSpace" functions but they don't seem to get 
> what I am
> looking for.
> What I am looking to do is use Revolution to gather information on such
> things as:
>     file size
>     free disk space
>     file version information
> Under Windows NT or Macintosh.
>> From what I have seen Revolution is limited in this area.  The 
>> DiskSpace
> seems to have a 1 GB limit on how much "free space" it can see (when I 
> have
> over 24GB free on one drive alone.  Maybe it is only measuring the free
> space in the environment it is capable of using.
> Any thoughts?
> Nate Couch
> Plano, TX
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