Styled Text, htmlText and Variables

Sarah sarahr at
Wed Apr 30 23:39:01 EDT 2003

It might be more efficient to make use of Rev's ability to count from 
the end using negative numbers e.g. item -1 gives you the last item. I 
think this is probably faster than counting the items in each line.

The second line in the script below could become:
put "<b>" & item 1 of l & "</b>" & item 2 to -1 of l & return after 

sarahr at

On Thursday, May 1, 2003, at 09:32  am, Ron wrote:

> repeat for each line l in thetext
> put "<b>" & item 1 of l & "</b>" & item 2 to number of items of l & 
> return
> after newtext
> end repeat

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