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Jim Hurley jhurley at
Mon Apr 28 09:47:01 EDT 2003

>Jim Hurley  wrote:
>  > Wilhelm,
>  > Why doesn't this work for me? On my Mac OS 8.6, the modal box opens
>>  (in response to "go to stack "answer dialog"") at the default
>>  position. It then moves to the "set loc position" at 700,100. But
>>  when "answer" is called, the box reverts to the  default position
>>  again. It appears that the change in the default position doesn't
>>  take.
>>  Any thoughts?
>>  Jim
>Hi Jim and Jean,
>the handler
>"lock screen
>   go to stack "answer dialog"
>   set the loc of stack "answer dialog" to 700,100 # or other
>   answer "Is this the new loc?"
>   unlock screen"
>works for me here in Metacard 2.5 both with Windows and MacOS 9.2.2.
>Same for Revolution 1.1.1 under Windows.
>You are right that it does not work with Revolution (1.1.1) on MacOS
>The cause is - as I see now - that the card handler of the Revolution
>"Answer dialog" has the line
>"case "MacOS"
>set the loc of this stack to the screenloc"
>set the top of this stack ..."
>Two solutions that come to my mind
>1. clone the answer dialog and remove the above script lines; then
>substitute the Rev "Answer Dialog" with your corrected stack (I did not
>try this so far).
>2. Ask the Revolution people to remove those lines.
>I did not look at the script of the other custom dialogs of Revolution;
>maybe they have these script lines, too?
>Of course they would be no such problems with your own modal dialogs.
>Wilhelm Sanke

Thanks Wilhelm,

That was the problem.

Revolution is serious about the location for the dialog box on Mac 
OS. Not only are there the lines you mention in the preOpenStack 

   " case "MacOS"
    set the loc of this stack to the screenloc"
    set the top of this stack to round(item 4 of the screenRect/5)"

But again at the end of the preOpenStack it repeated just to be sure:

     "if the platform is "MacOS" then set the top of this stack to 
round(item 4 of the screenRect/5)"

There are similar constraints in the "ask" dialog stack.


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