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Sat Apr 26 20:06:02 EDT 2003

In SuperCard, I'm assuming you'd select the field you wanted and do
"bringfront"? If Rev, all objects have a layer property that governs
their stacking order. To change the order, you simply need to change the
layer of the object you want to bring to the front. Layer 1 is the
"back-most", and you can't layer something to a number larger than the
total number of objects. So I just pick a REALLY large number, like:

  set the layer of <objectDescriptor> to 10000

and it automatically is brought to the front and assigned the maximum
number it can for the number of objects on the screen. Note that you
don't have to have the object selected to issue this command, so you
don't need to switch tools.

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> Excuse me kind folks
> I have imported a project from Supercard, which consists of 6 
> substacks and lots of card. On some of the cards there are 7 
> fields. In supercard you could write a script to bring a 
> specific text field to the front, how can one do this in 
> Runtimwe Revolution
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