2.0 beta Bug?

tkuypers at pandora.be tkuypers at pandora.be
Thu Apr 24 19:33:01 EDT 2003

Stack 1 has got a group named ³MyGroup²
This group has got 1 custom property: pNewLoc

Stack 2 has got a button with the script:

On mouseUp
    Put ³MyGroupName² into vMyGroup
    Copy group vMyGroup of stack ³Stack1² to stack ³Stack2²
    Close stack ³Stack1²
    put the pNewLoc of group vMyGroup into vLoc
    set the loc of group vMyGroup to vLoc
End mouseUp

The group is placed in stack 2 and stack 1 is closed, no errors, but the
position of the group remains unchanged...

When I enter the "set the loc..." command from the messagebox it works fine
When I enter the "set the loc..." command from a separate button it works
fine as well

Any ideas, anybody?
I guess this should work, but strangely enough is doesn't...


Ton Kuypers

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