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Ken Norris pixelbird at
Wed Apr 23 00:26:00 EDT 2003

> Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2003 08:36:41 -0700
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> From: Rob Cozens <rcozens at>
> Hi All,
> OenoLog includes 300+ icons & other images.
Good grief! Just a brief query: Why so many?
> Most, if not all, of
> these images are referenced images, and that has worked well in that
> I can modify images at will and replace the original image in the
> image folder without having to touch the stack.
> However, now that I have switched to Rev 2, I find that at least some
> of my image references include the full path to the image instead of
> just the image name.  Those references now fail because they include
> "Revolution 1B5A7" instead of "Revolution 2.0 B1 OS9".
> Upon further investigation, I find most of of my referenced images
> resolve to the image name, but some resolve to a full path name,
> including "1B5A7".  I'm not sure how this happened (referencing the
> image when its folder was not the default folder?); but it suggests a
> possible reason why images are lost when stack files are moved or
> referenced from a standalone.
Hmm...I see the problem. It looks like they might have originally taken on
the name because of being a simple relative filepath. IOW, some referenced
images had a relative filepath from the earlier version, so maybe Rev 2B,
being in a different folder, tried to compensate by establishing a full
filepath. Kinda difficult to explain what I mean.
> Up to now, my presumed fault whenever someone reports missing images
> is failure to set the default folder to the folder containing the
> images; however that won't help if the image resolves to a complete
> file path.
Well, if I'm right (maybe not), then that might work if they did it _first_,
i.e., before Rev2B tried to find them, but not after, because it attached a
full filepath when looking for it in the other folder, e.g., Rev2B says:

"Where are the images? Well, this app was first created by an old version so
I expect them to be in what used to be the default folder for the old
version. If I want that to work now, I have to establish a full filepath to
there, because the user probably didn't change that to be _my_ default
folder. That way I can always get to it. No, wait, someone actually changed
it to be _my_ default folder, so now I will make it a relative filepath for

...thus, you may end up with the first few it tried to find with the old
name and a full filepath, and the rest normalized to the new setup...or
something like that.
> If anyone encounters a situation where a referenced image is "lost",
> open a card that includes the image in the Application Browser &
> double-click on the image name.  If the Source field <> the Name
> field, you have potential problems.
That would fall in line with what I'm thinking, which is the kind of
thinking that could make me think my little trolley has jumped the tracks
for good  %)

Ken N.

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