Tabbed Buttons & Cards Question

Jim Biancolo webmaster at
Tue Apr 22 14:01:01 EDT 2003

That's good feedback, as I've mostly been thinking about this in terms of 
*can* it be done rather than *should* it be done.  :-)

That said, I kinda like the tabs idea for this particular app.  It's an 
e-mail filtering tool, and the "multi" tab is the filters that are being 
applied (one card/filter) and the "one" tab is the more generic 
preferences.  I thought about making a menu where the user could pick "view 
filters" or "view settings", but I wanted the two sections of the app to be 
more readily apparent.  I thought tabs might be appropriate because really 
the whole app is one big set of preferences, and I want to group the 
preferences logically and depending on whether or not it's a "many" set of 
prefs (e.g. multiple filters) or a single set of prefs (server config).

In any case, thanks!  Definitely useful feedback.


At 11:44 AM 4/22/2003 -0400, DVGlasgow at wrote:

>In a message dated 22/4/03 2:55:13 pm, Jim Biancolo writes:
> > On one tab I want to store many records (cards) and on the other
> >
> >tab I want to store a single record (card).
>My take on this is that this is an interface issue not a scripting problem.
>I am certainly not an expert on the HIG gospels, but intuitively I would say
>that this doesn't sound like what tabs are for.  Tabs are used to best effect
>to reveal options on a *single* card, these options normally being logically
>clustered by the tab title, and all related by the card title/function.  eg
>card = height data; tabs = "short", "medium", "tall".   In rev terms, each of
>several groups can be exclusively displayed to allow the user to view or
>interact with it, *without* the need for navigation from the particular card..
>What  you are aiming for Jim, if I understand you right is a button thing,
>which will whisk the user to appropriate stacks.  Hard to say exactly what it
>would best look like without more sense of the function of the many vs single
>cards you refer to.  How about a pair of radio buttons  'many' vs 'one' or
>some such, and a 'doit' button?
>On this list it is so rare I can say anything useful, I really hope this is!
>Best wishes,
>David Glasgow
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