Querying the platform & another Doing a Progress Bar question

Ken Ray kray at sonsothunder.com
Tue Apr 22 13:08:01 EDT 2003

> on preopenstack
> blah blah blah
> If the platform is "Win32" then get shell ("attrib -r" && 
> tFileName) blah blah end preopenstack
> Why does it need to be "Win 32?", and why shouldn't I use a 
> relative filepath 
> - I would have thought relative would be safer?

Probably, but keep in mind that shell() does the equivalent of opening a
console window (Start -> Run -> cmd) before it attempts to execute the
command on the path. The console window does not automatically load up
with the same path as the Rev app; it has its own working directory. So
to make sure it is pointing to the right file to operate on, you need to
use a full path.

As to "why Win32"? I can only guess (Scott/Kevin can chime in here), but
at the time Windows 95 was about to be released, Windows 3.11 was the
main Windows OS - it was a 16-bit operating system. Windows 95 and on
are 32-bit operating systems, and in the Windows development circles it
was called "Win32". I'm pretty sure there was also an EXE or DLL by that
name as well, or something like that... my mind is a bit fuzzy around

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