Tabbed Buttons & Cards Question

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Tue Apr 22 11:48:02 EDT 2003

In a message dated 22/4/03 2:55:13 pm, Jim Biancolo writes:

> On one tab I want to store many records (cards) and on the other 
>tab I want to store a single record (card).

My take on this is that this is an interface issue not a scripting problem.  
I am certainly not an expert on the HIG gospels, but intuitively I would say 
that this doesn't sound like what tabs are for.  Tabs are used to best effect 
to reveal options on a *single* card, these options normally being logically 
clustered by the tab title, and all related by the card title/function.  eg 
card = height data; tabs = "short", "medium", "tall".   In rev terms, each of 
several groups can be exclusively displayed to allow the user to view or 
interact with it, *without* the need for navigation from the particular card..

What  you are aiming for Jim, if I understand you right is a button thing, 
which will whisk the user to appropriate stacks.  Hard to say exactly what it 
would best look like without more sense of the function of the many vs single 
cards you refer to.  How about a pair of radio buttons  'many' vs 'one' or 
some such, and a 'doit' button?

On this list it is so rare I can say anything useful, I really hope this is!

Best wishes,

David Glasgow

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