Querying the platform & another Doing a Progress Bar question

DVGlasgow at aol.com DVGlasgow at aol.com
Tue Apr 22 07:44:01 EDT 2003

Thanks to everyone, Kurt, miscdas et al for the advice on rendering writable 
a stack copied from cd in Windows.  The illustrative script was 

on preopenstack
blah blah blah
If the platform is "Win32" then get shell ("attrib -r" && tFileName)
blah blah
end preopenstack

Why does it need to be "Win 32?", and why shouldn't I use a relative filepath 
- I would have thought relative would be safer?

also, I had another thought on where to put the script.  I could do it 
conditionally on the presence of a file deleted once run, or I could do it as 
part of an installation script.  I looked at the possibility of using a 
installation stack to copy the whole caboodle from CD to disk and then 
unlocking the data stack.  Using revcopyfolder this looked easy peasy, but 
then I tried to work out how to do a progress bar.  You can't seem to query 
the size of a folder, so the only option would be to repeatedly get a 
'detailed' list of folder contents, summate the sizes, update the bar, then 
repeat, until the copy is completed.  before I try this out, is it at all 
sensible, or should I fall back on the lazy makewritable routine in a 

Best wishes,

David Glasgow
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