HTML formatting problem

Ron rbarber at
Wed Apr 16 22:47:01 EDT 2003


I've been trying to use html to format some plain text, specifically,
hiliting a keyword within sentences. The text is read into a variable and
then html formating code is added using repeat loops and then put into a

The problem is that only the first 9 lines are formated. The codes are
actually present in the variable before setting the htmltext of the fld but
don't affect any lines after line 9. This is with 2.0 beta 2 as well as
1.1.1 both on OS 9.

Here's the code (watch for wrapped line):

  put "<font size="&tsize&"
face="&item 2 of fontprefs&" size="&item 3 of fontprefs&" color="&item 5 of
fontprefs&"><"&item 4 of fontprefs&">" into htext

 repeat for each line l in thetext

    put replacetext(l,keyword,htext) into l

    put "<p><font face="&fname&" size="&fsize&"
color="&fcolor&"><"&fstyle&">"&l&"</"&fstyle&"></font></p>" & return after

  end repeat

   set the htmltext of fld "num1" of stack thename to conctext

Does anyone else have this problem? or a solution?

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