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Romain Lafourcade lafourcade.romain at
Wed Apr 16 11:33:01 EDT 2003

<lafourcade.romain at> wrote:
> Hello everybody.
> I'm working on Mac OS 8.6 and 9.2 with RR 1.1.1.
> My main project is supposed to be delivered on a
> CD-ROM, one app coming in
> two versions depending of the OS: Mac or Win, and I
> have a little side
> project that gives me troubles.
> It's a very light notepad made of a main standalone
> and a stack so that my
> girlfriend can save her notes. I have no problem
> with my Mac app (made only
> for testing) but the Win build (the real thing) is
> somewhat strange: when
> copied to my girlfriends PC, the stack and the
> standalone are both read-only
> and I have to uncheck the corresponding checkbox in
> palettes.
> Can someone tell me what's going on and what can be
> done?
> Actually, it's not a great trouble since this
> "writeable" property is set
> once and forever but...

Bonjour Romain,

The problem is with Windows itself : everything on a
CD-ROM is read-only, and when you copy a file off a
CD-ROM, it will set the read-only property to true.
What you can do from your standalone is use a dos
command to change the setting for the data-stack:
  get shell("attrib -r" && tFileName)
when you first open it -- I usually have a file named
'FIRSTRUN.YES' in the folder, which I delete after
having run any attrib commands.

Hope this helped,

Jan Schenkel.

"As we grow older, we grow both wiser and more foolish at the same time."
(La Rochefoucauld)


Thanks Jan and Klaus, as I said it's not such a big problem and I certainly
won't start learning DOS since it is not supposed to be distributed further
than the other corner of this room.
Anyway, I think that creating an installer for both platforms would be an
interesting exercise for me.

Something else...
Some days ago I answered to someone on the list about setting the App and
File icons for Windows with Resource Tuner on PC. My reply was a bit stupid
and I finally found out how to make such icons with Iconographer on Mac.

1) create a blank icon
2) make sure you work with the Windows 16 color palette
3) only edit the "Large 4-bit Icon" and "Large 1-bit Mask"
4) save your icon as a Windows Icon with ".ico"

The strange thing is that RR is supposed to need a 744 bytes icon but this
icon's size is 792 bytes and it is perfectly accepted by RR.

To get Iconographer, go to

I hope this will be helpful for other dumb developer apprentices like me.

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