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Klaus Major k_major at
Wed Apr 16 03:40:01 EDT 2003

Bon jour Romain,

> Hello everybody.
> I'm working on Mac OS 8.6 and 9.2 with RR 1.1.1.
> My main project is supposed to be delivered on a CD-ROM, one app 
> coming in
> two versions depending of the OS: Mac or Win, and I have a little side
> project that gives me troubles.
> It's a very light notepad made of a main standalone and a stack so 
> that my
> girlfriend can save her notes. I have no problem with my Mac app (made 
> only
> for testing) but the Win build (the real thing) is somewhat strange: 
> when
> copied to my girlfriends PC, the stack and the standalone are both 
> read-only
> and I have to uncheck the corresponding checkbox in both PROPERTIES
> palettes.
> Can someone tell me what's going on and what can be done?

welcome to the club ;-)

This is the "normal" (?) behaviour of windows.
Every file is write-protected after copying from off a CD-Rom.

Don't ask me why...

Maybe even Bill G. doesn't know ;-)

> Actually, it's not a great trouble since this "writeable" property is 
> set
> once and forever but...

We have to live with that...


Klaus Major
k_major at

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