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Tue Apr 15 16:28:01 EDT 2003

In a message dated 15/4/03 6:37:03 AM, Mark Talluto writes:

<< I am not sure how you plan on distributing this app.  If you have the 
room (cd distribution), you might consider making a QT version for Mac 
users and then make an .avi version for you Win users.  Have the app 
determine the platform and show the appropriate version.  You can play 
the .avi version without QT installed on the Win systems.  QT Pro will 
convert it the QT version to .avi for you. >>

That's exactly what I planned.  I do have plenty of space.  I was going to 
use QT to create, and use AVI as the Windows alternative - that is if I 
couldn't get the GIF version to play properly in Rev.  But the question 
remains do I get a commentary on the audio track.

The only clue I have uncovered since posting is that Gif.gIf.giF uses some 
kind of transparency trick to save file space on areas that don't change 
between frames.  Maybe this confuses Rev?

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